Market Leading Conservatories in Whalley

We work with Ultraframe to deliver market leading conservatories to homeowners around the Whalley region. We have chosen Ultraframe because we believe they deliver the best conservatory installation. Whatever conservatory style you are looking for, we will have the perfect fit for your Whalley home.

Adding a conservatory to your Whalley home is a fantastic way to add a bright and airy space. Unlike older designs, our conservatories have been engineered to deliver outstanding performance benefits. Enjoy your new space all year round, no matter how bad the weather gets outside.

We offer a versatile range of conservatories, from classic Victorian and Edwardian styles to modern Lean to and P-shaped designs. You can even create your own bespoke design that perfectly suits your Whalley home. Choose from glass, solid or tiled roofs and get your dream conservatory installation.

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Benefits Of Our Conservatories


Our double glazed conservatories offer outstanding levels of durability and are designed to last the test of time. We use robust, long lasting uPVC in the manufacturing of many of our conservatory designs. uPVC is celebrated for its long lasting properties and resilience, meaning that you can enjoy a low maintenance space for decades to come.

Thermal Efficiency

One of the benefits of our conservatories is that they are highly thermally efficient. Unlike older, outdated designs, their double glazing offers a modern performance. The insulating double glazing and the thermally efficient uPVC work together to keep warm air trapped inside your Whalley home during the cold months. Enjoy a bright and airy space that can be enjoyed all year round whilst worrying about the cold creeping in.


The British weather can often be unpredictable. Our conservatories have been manufactured with weatherproofing in mind. Come rain, high winds, or snow, our high performance Ultraframe conservatories will keep the elements at bay. Our range of conservatories have been designed to withstand wind speeds of over 130mph. Furthermore, the gaskets and glazing help keep out rainwater and cold air, meaning you can enjoy a fully weatherproof home.

Custom Options 

It has never been easier to get the perfect conservatory for your Whalley home. Whether you live in a modern or traditional property, you will find the right conservatory style for you. We even offer a huge range of bespoke options, so you can get exactly the right fit for your home. Choose the shape and size, as well as the colour and the roof solution.

Low Maintenance 

One of the biggest benefits of the combination of double glazing and uPVC is how low maintenance they are. We know how busy homeowners are, so we don’t want you to waste time and money on maintaining your new conservatory installation. Unlike older designs, we are committed to delivering a double glazed extension that requires little to no upkeep once installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Conservatories Do You Stock?

We work with Ultraframe, an industry leader in contemporary conservatory design. We offer a range of models in a broad selection of styles to suit any home and any tastes. Choose from Victorian, Edwardian, Gable, Lean To and even bespoke designs. We also supply a versatile range of customisable features, including roofing options, doors, hardware and more.

Do Conservatories Need Planning Permission?

Sometimes installing conservatories in your home might not be immediately permitted. It could be because it’s too large of a build, or the extension may be taller than your existing Whalley home. In that case, then you may need to go through relevant planning permission applications to complete the project. However, in most cases, conservatories fall under 'permitted development'.

How Customisable Are Your Conservatories?

We don't believe you should settle for a generic installation. While we offer lots of stunning standard styles, we give you the ability to totally customise your new installation. If you want to add bespoke glazing or doors, can choose from obscured glass, sliding and bi-fold doors. Because your new installation perfectly suits your home, it could help improve the market value.

What Other Extensions do You Offer?

If our conservatories aren't right for you, then check out our other options. If you'd like to add a more solid structure to your property, then choose one of our orangeries, which blend light and privacy. Alternatively, if you want to expand your property with a room that feels seamless with the rest of your existing space, invest in one of our glass extensions.

Why Choose Whalley Home Improvements?

For modern double glazing solutions that meet the highest standards of security and performance, get in touch with our experienced team. We are a family run business with the mission of surpassing the expectations of all our customers. Our installers always go above and beyond to ensure that we are helping homeowners in Whalley and the surrounding areas to create their dream homes.

Our decades of experience in the double glazing industry has led us to be specialists, providing high quality conservatories alongside a quick and efficient installation service. Our skilled team of installers are passionate about what they do. You will feel confident in the hands of our experienced and passionate team. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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Alternatively, please call us on 01254 824179 or fill out our online contact form. One of our experts will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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