Sliding Sash Windows for Clitheroe Homes

Our sash windows are perfect for traditional properties here in Whalley and Clitheroe. Designed to authentically replicate classic Victorian sliding profiles, these systems make for a fantastic renovation option for those living in an older property. A wide range of traditional hardware and woodgrain colour foils allow these uPVC profiles to be almost indistinguishable when compared with real timber.

All the while, our sash windows offer the complete range of modern benefits that you’d expect with new windows. Superb heat retention, durability and acoustic insulation are assured. All three of these are regular problems with older wooden windows, meaning these systems can make a significant difference to your home. They’re an essential renovation.

We understand that renovating an older home can be stressful. With this, it’s essential that you choose a reliable, experienced installer. Whalley Home Improvements are exactly that, bringing decades of industry experience and know-how to every fitting.

Features & Benefits

Thermal Performance


A chambered profile allows our uPVC sash windows to retain the maximum amount of heat during winter. This is a stark difference to older wooden profiles, which will offer little resistance in the cold.

Low Maintenance


Our sash windows are durable, secure and come with an excellent lifespan as standard. They will never bow, distort or warp within their framework, and the hardware is designed to perform in all weather.

Long Lasting


Our sash windows are durable, secure and come with an excellent lifespan as standard. They will never bow, distort or warp within their framework, and the hardware is designed to perform in all weather.

Weather Protection


Old timber windows often become permeable to water as the years pass. Our sash windows come with modern weather bars and gaskets that stop any water ingress, preventing misted glazing.

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Sash Windows Prices Clitheroe

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Are these sash windows made from timber?

While some home improvement specialists will offer timber sliding frames, our sash windows are instead made from uPVC. A cost effective yet high performance material, it is perfect for our sash windows. We use it for almost every other window profile we install as well.

Are sash windows expensive?

Estimating the price of sash windows is hard. While they’re often a pricier window frame than a conventional casement, the uPVC frame ensures the overall cost is kept down. They will be much cheaper than brand new timber sliders in almost all cases. If you’re looking to get an estimated sash windows price, you can use our online quoting engine at your leisure.

What other windows to Whalley Home Improvements offer?

We offer the comprehensive window range here at Whalley Home Improvements. In addition to offering sash windows to those in older properties, we have a wide array of other styles to suit every other budget and function. You can have casement frames, tilt and turns, bow and bays, French windows, flush fitting windows and even aluminium windows fitted when you choose us.

Can sash windows be fitted to listed buildings?

These REHAU sash windows were designed to adhere to even the most stringent local building regulations. You can have them fitted to a listed building in a conservation area, reaping the rewards of the modern uPVC profile. Before committing to an installation however, we always recommend you speak to local building authorities just in case.

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