Tiled Conservatory Roofs for Clitheroe Homes

Tiled conservatory roofs are becoming increasingly more popular here in Whalley and Clitheroe. A stark visual difference from glazed or polycarbonate systems, the Ultraroof takes an extension’s visual appeal to the next level while offering its own unique perks and benefits. Our tiled conservatory roofs can visually benefit both modern and traditional properties here in the Lancashire area.

These systems are made using solid panels that are each fitted with authentic tiles available in brown, grey or terracotta. Despite this, our tiled conservatory roofs still allow natural light to flood in thanks to the inclusion of full length glazed panels or roof windows. The addition of solid panels allows these Ultraroof systems to offer better privacy levels and home security than a glazed roof would.

Our tiled conservatory roofs are available both via retrofit and with new build extensions. With the former, you can have an outdated roof replaced with one of our modern systems, giving it a new lease of life. Not only will the new roof enhance the thermal performance of your extension, but by fitting a tiled roof, you could enhance the visual appeal of your home overall.

Being an Ultraframe product, the Ultraroof are the nation’s preferred tiled conservatory roof system. Around eight of ten people prefer the aesthetics of the Ultraroof compared with alternative products. This can be attributed to the fact there is a range of decorative cornices which conceal the trim and guttering, as well as the options for internal pelmets that can house lighting features.

Features & Benefits



Tiled conservatory roofs are incredibly robust and sturdy thanks to the use of modern materials. They are much more durable than glass or polycarbonate alternatives, proving incredibly difficult to dent, damage or knock loose.

Thermal Performance


Our tiled conservatory roofs are fantastically thermally efficient. Installing one will allow your extension to sit at the optimal temperature, thanks to average U-values of 0.17W/m2K that can even reach 0.13.



Innovative weatherproof technology ensures that our tiled conservatory roofs perform in all conditions. The Ultraroof never needs a tie bar and comes with Ultraframe’s innovative postcode engineering.

Easy to Install


Our tiled conservatory roofs are easy and simple to install. The product you’ve ordered will never need to be trimmed on site, thanks to a pre-cut design implemented to cut down fitting times for the homeowner.

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Tiled Conservatory Roofs Prices Clitheroe

Use our online quoting engine today if you’re looking to have a new extension fitted with a tiled conservatory roof. You can get an exact price for the entire supply and fit of the conservatory while configuring other customisation options as well as the roof.

If you’re interested in having a tiled conservatory roof fitted to an existing extension, please contact us directly. We can provide you with some more details about roof replacement services. Leave your details on our online form or call today on 01254 824179.

What conservatory styles work with these roofs?

Our tiled conservatory roofs are compatible with a wide range of extension styles. They can be fitted to gable end, lean to, traditional Victorian or Edwardian models and bespoke builds.

How long do tiled conservatory roofs take to install?

If you’re having a full conservatory fitted, the overall installation will take around two to three months on average. However, with their easy installation, our tiled conservatory roofs can easily take under a week to fit in full on their own. They can be watertight in just six hours! If you’re replacing your existing conservatory roof, the ease or difficulty of the removal will affect the duration of the process. If you’d like to get an estimate as to how long your fitting would take, contact us today.

Tiled, glass or solid – which conservatory roof is better?

All of our conservatory roofs are fantastic in their own right. They equally offer their own individual benefits with each system better suiting a certain homeowner. In general, our solid options are better for those who are looking for enhanced privacy levels and a better ‘room-like’ appeal. Our glazed alternatives are best for those wanting plenty of natural light in their home and a better connection with their garden.

Is the Ultraroof fireproof?

Yes, it is. The entire system has been fire tested, as well as the individual components, to ensure that it adheres to the latest regulations. Our tiled conservatory roofs received a B-roof rating according to EN 13501-5:2016 and were AC rated by BS476-3:2004.

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