French Casement Windows for Clitheroe Homes

French windows add a touch of style and grandeur to a Clitheroe home. With a central opening mechanism, they operate almost identically to French doors. With an in-built floating mullion, these windows can be opened to provide unobstructed views of your garden or outdoor space. All the while, they have the same modern benefits you’d expect from uPVC windows.

You can expect superb thermal efficiency, home security and visual appeal as standard. With a range of customisation options to match, these windows can truly be tailored to suit your property. French windows can easily be designed to unify with any style of home here in Lancashire, whether you live in a stylish new build or a traditional period property.

Here at Whalley Home Improvements, we install French windows in a professional manner. Working with industry leading supply chains, we match the quality of our products with efficient fittings, fast lead times and competitive prices.

Features & Benefits

Thermal Efficiency


Our French windows are designed with a multi chambered profile that acts as an insulating barrier between your home and the cold outside. As a result, you won’t be bothered by the cold.

Low Maintenance


By using a uPVC profile, our French windows require very little maintenance after the installation is completed. You won’t need to spend hours and hours cleaning them every single weekend.

Acoustic Insulation


Our modern French windows deliver excellent soundproofing. The thick glass and robust profiles do a superb job of preventing external noise from entering your property.



Innovative weatherseals prevent water ingress into our French windows. In doing so, your property is protected against nasty problems such as draughts, rotting, damp spots or misted glazing.

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French Windows Prices Clitheroe

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Are French windows casement frames?

French windows are considered a variant of the traditional casement frame. They come with many of the same configuration possibilities and provide the same modern benefits.

How much do uPVC casement windows cost?

With such a range of variables, it’s hard to give an estimated average as to how much a set of French windows cost. For example, the overall size of the window and the addition of premium hardware and accessories will result in an increased price tag. However, being a uPVC frame, French windows will cost less than our aluminium profiles. If you’d like to get an accurate French window price, you can use our online quoting engine today.

What rooms best suit French windows?

French windows are a versatile style of frame that can serve a variety of purposes. However, they are a fantastic option for garden facing and second storey rooms. Fit them to a kitchen or bedroom to allow plenty of natural light into the property.

What other windows styles are on offer?

Here at Whalley Home Improvements, we believe in offering the complete range of window styles. With this, we can cater to a broader audience, covering those working with all budgets and any home here in the Clitheroe region. As a result, you can choose us for casement frames, bow and bay windows, sash windows, flush fitting profiles and tilt and turns. We even install aluminium windows!

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