French Doors for Clitheroe Homes

We offer an industry leading range of French doors to homeowners across Whalley and Clitheroe. French doors are an ever-popular home improvement option, delivering a touch of continental flair wherever they are installed. Designed as a set of double doors that open from the centre, they can serve a multitude of purposes while delivering excellent all round performance levels.

Our French doors are manufactured with a modern uPVC profile and are fitted with the most modern hardware available on the market today. Innovative weatherseals prevent any water ingress while modern double glazing allows for thermal and acoustic insulation. What’s more, our uPVC French doors are made bespoke to order, allowing for complete homeowner customisation.

uPVC is incredibly easy to finish, meaning you’ll be able to choose from one of a range of coloured topcoats for your home in the Lancashire area. In addition to this, you can choose which of the two panels is the master door and which is the slave door, as well as which way the doors open. You can craft the perfect renovations when you choose Whalley Home Improvements.

Features & Benefits

Secure Locks


Multipoint locking systems ensure that our French doors are as sturdy and secure as alternative exit options. You won’t be compromising on your home safety if you choose to have these fitted.

Thermal Efficiency


Our A+ rated French doors do a fantastic job of retaining heat. The double glazing works in harmony with a multi chambered profile to ensure that these systems deliver optimal energy efficiency.

Low Maintenance


By choosing uPVC for the framework, our French doors require very little upkeep to look and perform their best. All that’s needed is an occasional wipe down, with particular attention to the moving parts.

Long Lasting


Our French doors are built to last. Modern, weatherproof hardware and a durable framework ensure you get decades of usage from your investment. They will never jar or become sticky over time.

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French Doors Prices Clitheroe

Use our online quoting engine today, and you can get an estimated cost for a set of French doors. Instant and accurate, we don’t believe in adding any hidden fees, meaning the price given to you online will be comprehensive and close to what you eventually pay.

If you’d rather get a quote over the phone, contact us today. Leave your details on our online form, and one of our friendly team will get back to you as soon as they can. If you have any immediate questions about our products or services, call us on 01254 824179.

Where can French doors be installed?

French doors have a range of different applications. They can be installed in conservatories, orangeries and sunrooms, as well as in porches and summerhouses. You can also have your French doors fitted as double entrance doors, or for garden access from a kitchen or dining room. You can even have our French doors fitted internally, as a means of dividing a larger room into two.

What other doors are on offer?

Here at Whalley Home Improvements, we offer a wide range of different external doors. In addition to conventional back doors, we also offer patio and bifold doors. Both are made from high quality aluminium, while our bi-folds are also available with a uPVC profile. There’s something for everyone, with products to suit the varying tastes and budgets of our homeowners.

How much do French doors cost?

French doors are often considered one of the more cost effective external door options. However, their price can fluctuate significantly. Choosing different upgrades and opting for a larger set of French doors will result in a more expensive installation. If you’d like to get an estimated price for a set of French doors, you can use our online quoting engine today.

Who supplies Ultraframe’s French doors?

We work with an industry leading supply chain for our uPVC French doors. We use Spectus’ high performance profiles, as we do with a wide range of our other uPVC windows and doors. They provide us with systems that are a cut above the rest.

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