uPVC Doors for Whalley Homes

uPVC doors are ideal for homes in Whalley and the surrounding Lancashire areas. If you have an older door you’d like to replace, then new uPVC doors help you do it affordably. But, even though they are an entry-level option, uPVC doors still perform well. Our designs can make your home more efficient, secure and even quiet to create a living space you’ll love.

uPVC is a perfect replacement for old wooden doors in Whalley. Although timber doors have an authentic look, the wood inside the design can crack, twist and bend out of shape, especially in bad weather. uPVC, though, is a fully weatherproof material. As a result, you’ll get years of performance from your door without regular maintenance.

With a uPVC door, you can also save money for years to come. uPVC doors are air and water-tight, meaning there’s no gaps for cold air to enter your home through. Not only that, our uPVC doors come with advanced double glazing, ensuring your door becomes a thermal barrier for your home. You’ll be able to stay warm while saving money on energy as a result.

And, by installing uPVC doors from Whalley Home Improvements in Whalley, your new door will be just around the corner – literally! As a trusted local installer, we know how to help our customers feel valued with our service. Our friendly installers will treat your home as they would their own and fit your new door, sourced from Hurst, made-to-measure. Get in touch today to find out more!

Features & Benefits

Thermal Efficiency


With our uPVC doors, you can make your home in Whalley a lot warmer. By working with Hurst to offer market-leading uPVC doors, we can offer designs with a heat-reflective skin. As a result, your new entrance can keep your home warm in winter and make sure it doesn't heat up too much in summer. As a result, you'll be comfortable throughout the year in a thermally efficient home.

Home Security


Our uPVC doors can also protect what matters most inside your Whalley home. Not only do you get a durable frame and toughened double glazing, but your door also comes with leading security hardware. Our doors feature advanced multi-point locking mechanisms, anti-tamper locks and robust handles. Because of this, they'll be a nightmare for burglars and intruders.

Cost Effective


With uPVC doors, you can enhance your home intelligently. Rather than spend a higher price for a composite or an aluminium door, you can get a uPVC door that offers similar benefits for a lower cost. Hurst's uPVC doors offer superb value-for-money, with a design that lasts for decades. You could even pay the cost of your investment back over time with our doors!



Our uPVC doors have modern weatherseals, too. Because of this, these doors can keep wind and rain well away from your living space. uPVC is a fully weatherproof material, meaning the whole door can protect you from the elements. You won't have to worry about problems like water ingress, draughts or condensation. Instead, you can rely on your new door to deal with them for you.

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uPVC Doors Prices Whalley

If you're interested in installing uPVC doors for your Whalley home, then look no further than Whalley! By choosing a trusted local installer, your stunning new front door will be just around the corner.

You can use our online quoting engine today to explore our full range of options and create your dream uPVC door. From there, we'll provide an instant guide price that's tailored to your design.

And, if you'd like to ask our team anything more about our uPVC doors, contact Whalley today! You can message us via our online contact form or call us directly on 01254 824179 to find out more!

How much do uPVC doors cost?

uPVC doors are fully customisable for your Whalley home. Because of this, there are thousands of factors in figuring out exactly how much uPVC doors will cost. But, with our innovative online quoting engine, it takes minutes to design your bespoke door and get an accurate guide price. Have a look today to see how much you could save with us!

What other front doors do Whalley Home Improvements offer?

At Whalley Home Improvements, we can help you find a door to suit any home. As well as our range of uPVC doors in Whalley, we can also provide secure composite doors and stunning aluminium doors. With these designs, you can also create a bespoke entrance for your home! Find out more about these doors by exploring our website today.

What customisation options are available?

You can design our uPVC front doors to suit your Whalley home perfectly. We offer a vast array of customisable features to help you pick the right door for you. You can choose bold colours, authentic finishes, a unique handle, and the option of knockers, spyholes, letterboxes and catflaps. With Whalley, the choice is yours!

How long do uPVC front doors take to install?

Whalley's local installers can fit our uPVC doors in as little as one working day. All of our systems are made-to-measure, too, meaning every entrance we install is a perfect fit. We'll do the hard work before we even arrive, ensuring no cutting or amending is done on site. Get in touch with our installers today to discuss fitting new uPVC doors for your Whalley home!

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