Flush Fitting Windows for Clitheroe Homes

Flush casement windows are one of the newest renovations available here in Clitheroe. As their name would suggest, the profile of these windows is completely flat, rather than protruding like a sculptured or chamfered would. In doing this, flush casement windows deliver similar aesthetics to timber windows and act as a cost effective alternative to real wood frames.

If you live in an older property with outdated timber windows, flush casement windows are perfect for you. You can replace these old wooden frames, improving your home’s overall performance, without compromising on the visual appeal. Our flush casement windows achieve the optimal performance levels in thermal efficiency, soundproofing and weather protection.

As these windows are more often than not fitted onto older properties, it’s essential you work with a reliable home improvement expert. We at Whalley are exactly that, bringing industry experience and a wealth of product knowledge to every installation. For those local to the Lancashire area, we are the perfect flush casement window installer for you.

Features & Benefits

Thermal Efficiency


Our flush casement windows come with a multi chambered profile and modern double glazing. Compared with older timber frames, they’ll do a superb job of retaining heat during winter.

Home Security


Modern, multipoint locking systems allow our flush casement windows to offer excellent home security. These locks partner the naturally robust materials to provide you with complete peace of mind.

Low Maintenance


By choosing uPVC over timber for your flush casement windows, you won’t need to complete anywhere near as much upkeep. An occasional clean and a regular dusting is all that’s required.



Our flush casement windows come with modern weatherseals that prevent water ingress. You’ll benefit from complete weatherproofing, never be bothered by rotting or mould.

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Flush Casement Window Prices Clitheroe

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Are flush casement windows made from uPVC?

Yes, they are. Despite being designed to authentically replicate timber, they are actually made from uPVC. With this, they provide a range of modern benefits while being significantly more cost effective than real timber. It’s the best of both worlds.

How much do uPVC casement windows cost?

They can. With such a range of customisation options, all our windows can be designed for modern and traditional homes alike. However, these windows were originally designed for older properties and, therefore, more effortlessly blend with period houses.

How long do flush casement windows take to install?

By offering made to measure builds, we cut down the installation time of our flush casement windows. One of our skilled technicians is able to complete the fitting of a flush window in around an hour, but plenty of variables can affect this. If you’d like to get a more accurate idea as to how much your windows would take to install, then please contact us today.

What colours do flush casement windows come in?

Flush casement windows are available in a range of different colours. We have something for every style of home, including darker hues as well as brighter shades. We even have an array of authentic woodgrains available for those after an elegant finish. You can complement your choice of foils with some of our authentic hardware and accessories, including a wide range of different handle options.

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