Tilt and Turn Windows for Clitheroe Homes

Tilt and turn windows are one of the most modern systems we fit here in Clitheroe. They operate with a unique profile that allows two different methods of opening. Often a larger, single panelled frame, they can firstly open wide from either side of the framework like a traditional window would. The frame can also tilt inwards within the sash, something which is unique to this style of window.

With this, tilt and turn windows will prove to be a multi-functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to your home. By opening as they do, they can double up as a fire escape in an emergency. If you live in a taller townhouse or an older property with hard to reach areas, tilt and turn windows could prove a valuable asset. All the while, you’ll get the same fantastic benefits of modern uPVC windows.

Whalley Home Improvements take pride in being the leading tilt and turn windows installer in the Lancashire area.  Our team boasts decades of collective industry experience and we place value on quality customer service. You’ve no reason to go anywhere else.

Features & Benefits

Heat Retention


Our tilt and turn windows come with a multichambered profile and modern double glazing. With this, they have been proven to retain the maximum amount of heat during the winter months.



Quality weatherseals ensure that our tilt and turn windows protect your home against the elements. Water ingress is prevented almost completely, thus stopping rotting and damp spots.

Acoustic Insulation


The durable profile of our tilt and turn windows allows these systems to offer excellent noise reduction. If you live in a busier or modern urban area, this improved soundproofing could be massively useful.

Long Lifespan


Our tilt and turn windows come with an excellent natural lifespan, while also requiring very little maintenance. The coloured topcoat will never need varnishing, thanks to fade proof technology.

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Tilt and Turn Windows Prices Clitheroe

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What material are tilt and turn windows made from?

Our tilt and turn windows are manufactured using a uPVC profile. High performance yet cost effective, uPVC is the perfect material for the modern homeowner. We source this uPVC profile from market leaders REHAU, believing they offer a uPVC window profile that is a cut above the rest.

Are tilt and turn windows expensive?

Tilt and turn windows come with a more complex framework and, as a result, can sometimes be more expensive than other styles of window. However, they are still cost effective compared with larger frames such as bow and bays. By using a uPVC profile, we can also keep the cost down further, with aluminium tilt and turn windows costing more. If you’d like an accurate cost tailored to your specifications, use our online quoting engine today.

What colours can these windows come in?

Our tilt and turn windows are available in a broad range of different colours. With this, we have something for every home, be in modern or traditional. In addition to the classic white, we also have many other colours and authentic woodgrain finishes.

How long do these windows take to install?

Our skilled technicians can install one of these windows in around an hour. However, this should only serve as a guide as plenty of variables can affect this. The size and complexity of the project can make the installation time longer. However, there should never be any complications with the fitting, as we make each window bespoke, meaning there will never be any cutting on site.

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