Patio Doors for Clitheroe Homes

Patio doors are a fantastic back door option for homeowners in Whalley and Clitheroe. Iconic in design, patio doors move horizontally on an inline slider, providing an alternative means of entrance or exit throughout your home. Our patio doors are manufactured using a uPVC profile, ensuring the perfect modern performance while also keeping them at affordable and accessible for every homeowner.

As a product, patio doors can make a significant difference to just about any home. Those in larger properties can invest in wide spanning patio doors that allow a vast amount of natural light to flow throughout. On the flip side, the sliding mechanism of patio doors makes them an excellent option for smaller homes, as they won’t take up a huge amount of space.

We offer two, three and four panel options, all of which are fitted with a slimline uPVC profile and wide spanning double glazing. They operate on easy-glide tracks and can come with the option of a low threshold upgrade. With this, the bottom rail can be made slimmer to improve ease of access for wheelchair and pushchairs users. We cater to everyone here at Whalley Home Improvements.

Features & Benefits

Thermal Efficiency


Our uPVC patio doors have a multi chambered profile and are fitted with energy efficient glazing as standard. They do a superb job of retaining heat, helping to aid your home’s thermal performance.



High quality weatherseals allow our patio doors to offer complete protection from the elements. You’ll be fully protected during adverse weather, preventing water ingress.

Security as Standard


We’ve taken a range of measures to ensure that our patio doors are secure. They are fitted with anti-jack and anti-lift technology, as well as multipoint locking and the option of toughened glass.

Low Maintenance


By choosing uPVC, our patio doors require very little maintenance from the homeowner. The colour finish is resistant to all fading the uPVC profile will never rot, warp or distort within the frame.

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Patio Doors Prices Clitheroe

Use our online quoting engine to get an estimated price for a set of patio doors. You can customise and configure the design of your chosen product, allowing for a tailored price that is unique to you. Get started today, whatever device you’re working on.

If you have any questions about our patio doors, get in contact with us directly. Leave your details on our online form or call directly on 01254 824179. We are also more than happy to provide quotes for our products over the phone, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How do you maintain patio doors?

The upkeep on patio doors is incredibly straightforward. They only require an occasional wipe down, which can be done with a damp cloth. When cleaning the glass, you’ll need to make sure you dry it using a paper towel or a similar alternative, as washing it and leaving it will lead to streaks. You’ll need to pay particular attention to the moving components, as any build up of dust could result in the locks or handles becoming harder to operate.

Where can patio doors be fitted?

Patio doors serve a wide range of purposes. They can be fitted to just about any ground floor in the house, both internally and externally. We regularly install them into conservatories, orangeries and extensions as a means of connecting the home and garden. However, they can be retrofitted onto a house’s existing architecture as well.

How much do patio doors cost for supply and fit?

You can get a patio door quote from Whalley Home Improvements by using our online quoting engine. There’s no easier way of getting an accurate price. As a guide, patio doors are often more expensive than French doors but are almost always more cost effective than bifolds.

What colours are these patio doors available in?

Our patio doors can be finished with one of a plethora of different foils. We have a colour finish for every homeowner, whether you live in something traditional or a more modern new build. In addition to the conventional whites and blacks, we also have reds, blues and greens. We even offer authentic woodgrain finishes, including Rosewood and Oak.

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