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Our Process FAQs

How much will it cost to build a conservatory, orangery or extension?

Unfortunately, there’s no approximate cost for an orangery, conservatory or extension as each . Conservatory cost calculators and orangery costs per square meter will not take into account various factors of your home. Any single story extension should be tailor made for your home. For accurate fully fitted conservatory prices contact Whalley Home Improvements, here we are able to take some measurements, requirements and ideas and issue an accurate conservatory cost.

Do I need planning permission to build a conservatory or orangery?

Since October 2008, a conservatory is considered as a permitted development. Therefore, for the most part, renovating or building a conservatory will not require planning permission. However, this is subject to numerous limitations and conditions, including the type of work your having done and the existing structure. Contact a member of our team on 01254 824179.

How long will it take to build or install my conservatory?

Each job is different as each conservatory, orangery and extension are made to order. However, we generally aim for an average turnover of 6-10 weeks from receiving your order in writing. External factors, such as planning permission, time of year and weather conditions can effect this. However, we keep you in the loop throughout the process and you will receive a schedule which gives you an overview of when installation will take place.

Are conservatories and orangeries covered by home insurance?

For the most part, conservatories, orangeries and extensions will fall under your building insurance. This is because they are classified as part of your homes fixtures and fittings. The type of coverage can also become an issue. Conservatories typically need more maintenance than houses. Your insurance should cover sudden damage from storms or roof tiles. However, you may not be covered for general maintenance issues such as leaky roofs. Always check with your policy provider.

Can I have electricity / plumbing / heating installed in my conservatory?

Installing electricity and plumbing inside a new or existing conservatory is normally quite straightforward. We offer two types of heating in our orangeries and conservatories.

Conservatory and Extension FAQs

Will my conservatory be too cold to use during the Winter, or too hot during the summer?

No, your conservatory should be suitable for any conditions. Conservatories are spaces which you can use all year round. Unfortunately, for some older conservatories, there’s no way to stop a conservatory overheating or being too cold in the winter, including using cooling film or purchasing expensive conservatory blinds. Our conservatories should lead to decreasing energy bills, however, we have heating options available if necessary. This includes under floor heating and loggia heaters. We can also install Ultraframe Smartglass for increased conservatory insulation.

How much value will a conservatory add to my home?

As a rule a glazed conservatory can add up to 5% value to your home. However, this is circumstantial. For example, a poorly built conservatory can actually detract value from a property, whereas, in a buyer’s market, adding a modern kitchen extension could make your home more desirable. The question becomes not how much value does a conservatory add to your home, but rather, whether adding a conservatory is worth it in terms of the quality it adds. This is why it is wise to always select a reputable installer and, unless experienced, not to attempt a D.I.Y conservatory.

I’ve inherited an older conservatory and it needs improving, What can I do?

In some cases your existing conservatory base is suitable for fitting new conservatory and orangery frames and roofing. Despite this, there are protocols and limitations which can affect this. These vary from site to site, so we’ll need to examine the existing structure before we know whether its possible. However, if you’re looking for more cosmetic changes to an existing conservatory, we have a vast range of PCVu windows & doors, composite Rockdoors and sealed units. For more information click here.

Solid Roof Replacement & Installation FAQs

Can you fit my existing brickwork into my orangery or extension?

It’s possible to use an existing conservatory base to build a new solid extension. The extent to which it can be implemented varies from site to site. For more information click here.

Won’t I need planning permission for a solid extension?

It really depends on the build itself. Whilst most conservatories don’t need planning permission, some solid orangeries may be subject to limitations. To learn more about planning permission, click here.

What materials are the solid roofs made from?

Our solid extensions are made from a plastered vaulted ceiling and Kingspan board insulation. They are the most thermally efficient orangeries on the market. To learn more click here.

What are my options for lighting in a solid orangery?

The interior lighting can run alongside the parameter of the ceiling. Called pelmet lighting, they are filled with mineral insulation. They do not affect the thermal performance of an orangery and offer a seamless aesthetic throughout your extension.

I want an orangery which doesn't match the existing brickwork. What are they made from?

The grey coloured extensions and orangeries are made from aluminium. They cover the insulation and exterior structure. They’ve become increasingly popular within the last five years as they are particularly modern aesthetically. For more information on our loggia columns click here.

Glass Roofing Solutions FAQs

Do I need a glass roof? Can't I just buy a replacement polycarbonate roof?

Whilst we still stock and sell polycarbonate roofs, we must advocate replacing existing plastic roofs with modern glass. A fantastic material in its day, we have simply evolved beyond polycarbonate technologically. The materials used in our solid and glazed roofs are much more thermally efficiant, as well as being nicer to look at. For more information refer to our blog post; ‘why should I replace my polycarbonate roof’.

What is Smartglass and how does it work?

Smartglass is the highest performing glass on the market. It’s thermally efficient and comes in a range of colours. The use of Smartglass adds value to any conservatory, orangery or extension. Smartglass works to retain heat in the colder months and reflect heat when its overly warm outside. By doing so, the overall cost of heating bills are reduced.

Can you buy tinted Smartglass for conservatories, orangeries or glass panelling?

Our Smartglass comes in a range of colours, so you can pick a style which best reflects your living space. However, it’s important to note that changing the colour of the glass will have an effect on the amount of light and the thermal efficiency of the glass itself.

Do I need to ventilate my conservatory more regularly with a glass roof?

Ventilation is important in any conservatory or temporary living space. Whilst you don’t need to ventilate more often with a glass roof, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to ventilate at all. It’s always a good idea to remove excess water vapour from the conservatories ambient atmosphere.

uPVC Window FAQs

Will my white uPVC windows discolour after a while?

Some of the older uPVC windows discolour over time, this can be seen by a yellow/pinkish colour on its once white surface. Our uPVC windows don’t discolour after being exposed to the elements. This is because the uPVC we use is titanium based, as opposed to the lead based products traditionally used. A part of this procedure is the inclusion of ultraviolet inhibitors which aid in preventing uPVC discolouration.

Do I need triple glazed uPVC windows?

On most modern double glazed windows, the difference between triple and double glazing is negligible. It’s something to discuss with our installation team, however the weight of the window itself may become a problem.

There's condensation between the panes of glass in my double or triple glazed windows - what can I do?

Condensation between panes of glass is likely to be a broken seal. In these cases the sealed unit (glass panel) will need to be completely replaced. If you experience this issue, please give our team a call on 01254 824179.

Do you sell fire escape windows for bedrooms and upper floor windows?

Our fire escape windows must adhere to strict regulations for your safety. Typically installed in bedrooms, the fire escape window opens fully on its hinges to the left of the frame, as opposed to the centre. In this way, should you ever need it, you can feel secure that you will have one of the most effective fire escape windows on the market.

Can you install blinds in between the panes o glass in my double or triple glazed windows?

Internal blinds can be installed inside of windows. It’s something we’re being asked about more frequently, however it is an expensive alternative. They are particularly useful around spaces such as kitchens where blinds can be particularly susceptible to surface damage.

Can you make the uPVC a different colour on the outside?

With a large selection of RAL colours and woodgrain effects available, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect colour for your home. As well as this, we are also able to make the outside a different colour from the inside.

Solid Roof FAQs

Won't a solid roof make my room too dark?

Our solid roofs are some of the most versatile and customisable roofs available. They come with a multitude of options when considering lighting your living space. Therefore, we can capture the most amount of light possible in the space required. When combined with double-glazed uPVC windows and patio doors, you create a space which is light and bright all year round.

What building and insulation materials are solid conservatory roofs made from?

To construct the solid element of the Livinroof , we use a combination of insulated composite panels and durable Kingspan insulation slabs, in both 90mm and 24mm thickness. Foil backed plasterboard adds to the insulation, and together, these products ensure thermal efficiency. The Ultraroof 380 also uses synthetic Ultratiles which are the most cost effective and best performing on the market. It’s available in a selection of colours, ensuring they compliment your homes exterior roof.

What is a Livinroof and how do they work?

The Livinroof is the ultimate combination of double glazed roof panels with Kingspan insulation. Externally, we use synthetic slates to colour match to the roof of your home. Internally the Livinroof contains a plastered finish creating a vibrant, modern living space. We can also install an internal lighting pelmet which is perfect for spotlights. Click here to learn more.

Are solid replacement roofs covered under the same guarantee as glass based products installed by WHI?

All products installed by Whalley Home Improvements are covered by the same ten year guarantee.

I would like to replace my existing uPVC patio doors - what options are available?

We sell uPVC doors in a range of styles and colours, including bifold, french doors and classic entrance doors.

How many panels of glass can I have in my patio doors?

In most of our doors, we typically install between 2-7 panels of glass. This is adaptable to the space we’re installing the door and our team of fitters and surveyors will be able to work with you to achieve the best results.

What is the difference between bi-folding and inline sliding patio doors?

It’s purely a cosmetic difference. The bi-folding doors have panels of glass which fold against one another to create a more ‘open’ feel to the conservatory or orangery, integrating the space with the garden. In line sliding doors maximise space by having the panes of glass slide together, bringing more light into your home without compromising on floor space.

How secure are the conservatory doors installed by WHI?

All of our doors are rigorously tested for their security. This means that choosing different styles of patio doors won’t affect how secure they are.

I like the white uPVC - are the any other options available?

uPVC doesn’t have to be white. We have a large selection of colours to choose from. We’re even able to colour one side differently to the other. Request a brochure here.

Rockdoor and External Composite Doors FAQs

What external doors do you do at WHI?

Choosing the right modern composite door can be difficult. Whalley Home Improvements install Rockdoor external front doors. Rockdoor are one of Britain’s leading composite door manufacturers. With both style and security, Rockdoor’s are of a higher quality than wooden front doors and uPVC external doors. We install Rockdoors exclusively for external doors and frames.

How secure are the external Rockdoor doors?

Rockdoors are considered some of the U.K’s most secure front doors. They offer high secure domestic external doors for residential properties. They are considered to be 35% stronger than other front door security devices and gained media attention as the door that beat the bobbies. When it comes to thermal efficiency, Rockdoor domestic secure doors receive an A++ rating.

How quickly can a Rockdoor door be ordered and installed

Making a Rockdoor exterior front door can take up to 6 weeks. This is due to each door being made to measure and to ensure front door security. Therefore, each external composite door is rigorously tested, before it is sent to our Whalley factory. This may seem like a lengthy process, however, if you have purchased one of the most secure front doors in the UK, it is important that we can ensure that level of security. However, once it arrives in Lancashire, perform a front door installation within a couple of hours.

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