Bifold Doors for Clitheroe Homes

Whalley Home Improvements install the highest quality bifold doors in the Whalley and Clitheroe areas. If you’re looking for the market’s most modern renovation options, look no further than this product. Bifold doors operate on an inline track, but the panels instead fold to sit neatly at either end. With this, they deliver superior visual appeal and come with better customisation options.

Homeowners can choose for their bifold doors to open at the centre, on the left, right, or somewhere in between. You can have between two and seven panels, allowing the option of wide-spanning bifolds that can be designed to stack both inside and outside. What’s more, bifold doors can be fitted to a conservatory, orangery, extension or as part of your home’s existing architecture.

With such a modern product, it’s important you work with a trustworthy and experienced home improvement expert. We bring decades of experience to every installation, giving you complete peace of mind. You can rely on Whalley Home Improvements for bifold doors.

Features & Benefits

Thermally Efficient


Our bifold doors do a superb job of retaining heat during the winter months. The modern materials of our aluminium system allow them to potentially achieve U-values as low as 1.8W/m2K as standard.



Whichever profile you opt for, our bifold doors are fully customisable with a range of options. You can choose from a range of different hardware and accessory options to match the coloured foil.



To prevent water ingress, our bifold doors are fitted with weatherseals around the entire perimeter. With this, you never need to worry about weather damage such as damp, mould or rotting.

Home Security


Durable materials and multipoint locking systems allow our bifold doors to offer excellent home security. You have complete peace of mind that you’re protected from unwanted intruders.

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Bifold Doors Prices Clitheroe

Interested in getting a bespoke bifold door quote? You can get a price that is tailored to your home by using our online quoting engine today. You’ll be prompted to enter exact specifications, allowing you to get a quote that is unique to your requirements.

However, we’re still happy to provide quotes over the phone. Leave your details on our online contact form or reach out directly on 01254 824179. You can use this opportunity to ask us any questions you have about our products or services.

Are bifold doors expensive?

Bifold doors have a more complex opening system than alternative options, and with this they often come with a steeper price tag. Giving an average cost is difficult, however, as there is a large range of different variables that can affect the overall price. If you’d like to get a bifold door quote for free, you can use our online quoting engine today.

Why choose aluminium bifolds?

As a material, aluminium offers better thermal efficiency and durability, while remaining low maintenance and weatherproof all the same. Aluminium is more expensive than uPVC, but the latter still delivers excellent performance levels.

What other back doors are available?

Our bifold doors are fantastic across the board, but we understand that they aren’t for everyone. If you’d prefer an alternative option, we also offer French and patio doors both manufactured from uPVC.

What is the maximum width and height available?

Bifold doors are incredible because they can span over such a wide portion of the home. Each pane of our aluminium product can be up to 2500mm in height and 1200mm in length.

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