uPVC Doors for Clitheroe Homes

uPVC doors are one of Whalley, Clitheroe and the surrounding area’s most popular front door options. Although they are considered the entry level option, they still deliver superb performance levels in thermal efficiency, home security and noise reduction. All the while, they are a versatile home improvement product, with a vast array of customisation options for every homeowner.

By using uPVC, these front doors are both long lasting and low maintenance, only requiring occasional attention from you as the homeowner. You’ll need to keep the moving components free of excess dust but won’t need to ever worry about varnishing or re-finishing the coloured topcoat. You’ll get years of high performance usage without the constant upkeep.

When you choose Whalley Home Improvements, you’ll be working with an installer that only uses the very best supply chains. We work with Hurst for our uPVC doors, acknowledging that their products are of the highest quality. With this, you aren’t making a compromise by choosing a uPVC door but are instead making a fantastic investment for your Lancashire property.

Features & Benefits

Thermal Efficiency


Our uPVC doors come with a unique heat reflective skin that prevents cool air from seeping into your property during the winter months. As a result, your home feels naturally warmer all year round.

Home Security


Durable materials and modern locking systems allow our uPVC doors to deliver excellent all round security levels. Not only will they protect you and your family now, but for the years to come.

Cost Effective


uPVC front doors are considered one of the more cost effective home improvement options. Often cheaper than composite and aluminium doors, they still offer many of the same benefits.



Modern weatherseals allow our uPVC doors to protect your home against the elements. There’ll be no problems with water ingress or strong draughts, preventing the likes of rotting, damp and mould.

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uPVC Doors Prices Clitheroe

Interested in getting a free estimated price for one of our uPVC doors? You can use our online quoting engine at your leisure to get exactly that. It’s completely free to use and will use your exact specifications to produce an accurate and tailored quote.

If you have any questions about our uPVC doors, please get in contact today. Leave your details on our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. For more immediate answers, you can call Whalley Home Improvements directly on 01254 824179.

How much do uPVC doors cost?

uPVC doors are considered one of the more cost effective home improvement options on the market. However, there are still a wide array of different customisation options that affect the overall price. With this, it’s hard to estimate a rough cost for all uPVC front doors. However, you can recieve a tailored quote for your own uPVC door by using our online design tool.

What other front doors do Whalley Home Improvements offer?

In addition to our uPVC doors, we also offer two other stunning front door alternatives for homeowners. We offer secure composite doors, fitted with a robust internal core, and aluminium entrance doors.

What customisation options are available?

Our front doors are available with a wide range of customisation options. You can choose from an array of colour finishes, with woodgrain options as well as more modern shades. The design can then be complemented by the inclusion of a letterbox, spyhole, knocker and handle. Our hardware options are available with a range of different finishes to ensure you find the option that best suits the design of your home and of your door itself.

How long do uPVC front doors take to install?

On average, a uPVC door takes around a working day to install. All our systems are made to measure, and that ensures an easy installation our end, with no cutting or amending on site. However, this should only serve as a guide. Some installations may take longer and could see us having to return to complete the fitting on a second day.

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