Gorgeous Conservatory Roofs in Great Harwood

At Whalley Home Improvements, we can install conservatory roofs that are a great addition to your home. Our roofs can make your home warmer with impressive insulation, and brighter with double glazing that reduces the greenhouse effect. And, with our fully weatherproof designs, you can choose our roofs knowing they stand the test of time. Not only that, they can perform every day – no matter the conditions.

If you have a conservatory already, then we can fit replacement roofs for your home. All of our designs come made-to-measure, too, meaning you’ll always get a perfect fit with our installations. We offer three unique conservatory roofs, giving you more choice for your living space. You could even improve your home’s property value!

At Whalley, we source conservatory roofs for your home from a market-leading manufacturer. We work closely with Ultraframe to install their innovative range of roofs for homes across Lancashire. Because of this, you can benefit from a design that will become a better investment the longer you have it. Choose our conservatory roofs for your home in Great Harwood today.


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Our first roof option is Ultraframe’s Glassroof design. A Glassroof uses double glazing panels rather than only one pane of glass, meaning you can let light in without the cold air that usually comes with it. Our roofs also feature an internal pelmet for added warmth, as well as super insulated columns that are five times as efficient as brick piers. As a result, you can save on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Not only that, our Glassroof design is a fully weatherproof option for your Great Harwood home. Wind and rain won’t cause any damage for years to come, and the roof’s structure will remain intact. Our roofs also come fitted with chambered top gaps and glazing stops as standard, preventing wind and rain from getting into your living space. Features like these improve your insulation even further as well!


Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Alternatively, Whalley supplies and installs tiled conservatory roofs for your home in Great Harwood. A tiled roof can make your living space feel like new, while also giving it some old-school charm. Our tiles have a classic look, and they’re available in a range of colours. Whether you choose brown, terracotta or grey tiles for your home, you can be sure your roof will perform brilliantly.

We can also help you ventilate your living space by installing tiled conservatory roofs. Our tiled roofs have small air pockets that allow cold air to flow through on hot summer days. You can also add partial glazing to our tiled roofs to add more light into your conservatory if you prefer. Have a look at what you can do with our roofs today.


Finally, you could choose the Livinroof conservatory roof for your home in Great Harwood. Livinroof is one of Ultraframe’s crowning achievements, combining the best bits of both a tiled and solid roof. You’ll benefit from strong aluminium and composite external panels that create a robust roof that maintains its strength. As a result, the roof can have larger glass panels, allowing more light into your property.

With a Livinroof, you can also benefit from improved privacy inside your home. And, if you live near a busy road, airport or train station, the soundproofing our solid roofs offer can give you some much-needed peace. You’ll be able to make your home feel more like your own, and the Livinroof provides a seamless natural extension of your property. You can even add a skylight to your design.

Why Choose Whalley Home Improvements?

When you choose Whalley Home Improvements, you get a family owned business in your corner. We’ll be able to install conservatory roofs on shorter lead times in Great Harwood, and we are committed to offering personalised service with every project. You can also expect more competitive prices from Whalley than you’ll get with the big brands. We’re also a Corgi registered installer, meaning you can gave peace of mind working with us.

Conservatory Roof Prices Great Harwood

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