Excellent Conservatory Roofs in Padiham

One of the main benefits of our conservatory roof is that your living space can feel much warmer in the long run. Older roofs lose their performance as the year goes on because they suffer from poor weather conditions. Our newer roofs are weatherproof and, as a result, are built to last for years to come.

Your roof will add market value to your home because it looks beautiful, and its functionality can transform your home. This is ideal if you want to sell your Padiham home because it will be warmer, brighter, and perform better against tough weather conditions.

We use Ultraframe to supply our roofs. Ultraframe is a leading player in the home improvements industry because their roofs bring in natural light, resulting in a cost effective and energy saving build. Feel confident that you are helping the environment, and you will get a choice because we offer three different types of roofs.

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Ultraframe’s Glassroof is ideal if you want to let natural light straight into your home. It doesn’t have a tie bar, which means the light will penetrate your living area. This helps make your space more attractive, brighter, and warmer, so you can enjoy a contemporary look. The installation process is very quick, too, meaning you’ve got more time to enjoy the space.

But that’s not all, because you can even add some accessories to improve its performance.

This includes an internal pelmet which gives the space a room like feel, opening up your home. The super insulated columns are made from powder coated aluminium panels so that you can stay warmer for longer. It is five times more thermally efficient than brick piers, allowing for a more comfortable experience in your home.

Our Glassroof is also very weatherproof due to its chambered top gaps and glazing stops. So that way, rain and wind won’t be able to leak into your home, and you’ll benefit from a consistent temperature.

Tiled Conservatory Roofs

You have a wide range of colours to choose from with our tiled conservatory roofs. You can choose from brown, terracotta, or grey. Choose one which matches the colour of your home or one that stands out.

Another reason why this style is popular with Padiham homeowners is because it has ventilation gaps that let air come into your home. This is very useful in the summer because your home will be cooler. Increase your control even further by selecting a roof with fewer tiles and glass added to it, so the room will benefit from natural light.

Conservatory Roofs In Padiham


The Livinroof, provided by Ultraframe, offers the best of both worlds when it comes to conservatory roofs. It mixes the best bits from a tiled and solid roof, which gives you loads of flexibility to choose from.

This conservatory roof is created from aluminium and composite external panels. This allows for plenty of natural light to penetrate your home, which is perfect in the cold winter months. It also comes with a very strong roof structure as well which is ideal for windy conditions.

It is also perfect for privacy too, so if you live in an area which is full of noisy neighbours or near traffic, these noises will be reduced to a hush. Your Livinroof is a very soundproof thermal insulator, which lasts for many decades to come, while you can also add skylights for an extra personal touch.

Why Choose Whalley Home Improvements?

When you choose Whalley Home Improvements, you can feel confident that we have you and your home’s best interests at heart. We have been installing conservatory roofs, orangeries, and extensions in Padiham and its surrounding areas for many years, and as a family owned business, we can get to you very quickly.

Not only that, but we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. We use some of the biggest names to supply our products, including Ultraframe, so we have very high standards and always aim to meet them. We are Corgi registered, meaning that our installers are always tested to see how well they can install your conservatory roofs.

You can have complete confidence in our conservatory roofs because we offer a 10 year guarantee in case anything goes wrong.

Conservatory Roof Prices Padiham

Make a solid investment for your Padiham home when you choose Whalley Home Improvements.

When you have decided on the roof of your dreams, use our online quote builder to create it from scratch. Choose the style, shape, measurements, and any extra accessories that you want to include. Tailor your roof to how you want it.

Alternatively, our friendly team can help you with any questions. You can call us on 01254 824179.

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