New & Replacement Conservatory Roofs Whalley

Here at Whalley Home Improvements, we offer a range of glazed, tiled and solid conservatory roofs to our customers in Whalley. Whether you are looking for a brand new roof for a new build, or a replacement conservatory roof for an existing structure, we have you covered.

If you are building a brand new conservatory, the right roof can make all the different. By working with market leading suppliers Ultraframe, we are able to offer our customers a high quality product that retains heat in the winter and allows for ventilation in the summer. Pick the right conservatory roof now, and prevent costly care further down the line.

As mentioned, we also offer a range of replacement conservatory roofs to our Whalley customers. If your conservatory is performing poorly, or if you have just moved to a new house with an old profile, you may be in need of a replacement conservatory roof. We offer a range of styles that can be fit to existing foundations so there is no need to start from scratch. Get in touch to find out whether we have the right roof for your Whalley home.

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Glass Conservatory Roofs

Glass conservatory roofs have been loved by many for decades due to their elegant style and the amount of light they allow to enter your Whalley home. Your property is sure to feel much bigger as a result, while feeling as though it has a direct connection with nature.

By using advanced double glazing in our glass conservatory roofs, we are able to prevent heat loss and reduce glare. This means you can enjoy your extra space comfortably, all year round.  We also offer variable pitches from 2.5 to 40.9 degrees. Whatever works best for your home, we will do.

Thermal Efficiency

Advanced double glazing is used in our glass conservatory roofs to ensure our customers get complete temperature control. Say goodbye to heat extremes.

Easy to Install

To ensure that they are easy to install, our roofs feature patented speedlocks and the inclusion of a compression bar. Your home will be transformed in no time.

UV Protection

Our glazing has been carefully created to offer reduced glare and UV protection. Any furniture in your conservatory will not become sun damaged over time.


Feel confident that your home will remain dry through even the worst weather due to chambered top gaps, glazing stops and gaskets.

Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Let your conservatory stand out from the crowd with a modern tiled conservatory roof. These roofs come with a range of tiling options to ensure that we have something for all homeowners. Choose from brown, grey or terra cotta tiles, with the choice of glazing panels for extra natural light.

Supplied by Ultraframe, our tiled conservatory roofs have been designed to offer superior performance. Small gaps between the tiles allow for maximum ventilation, preventing the greenhouse feel.


Our tiled conservatory roofs have been designed to last for decades and boast a durable composition. Feel confident that you are investing in lasting quality.

Thermal Performance

Our tiled roofs are highly thermally efficient. Boasting u-values as low as 0.13W/m2k, they will help your home remain a consistent temperature all year round.


Ultraframe use postcode engineering to ensure that their roofs can withstand the worst of the weather for that area. If you live in an area in Whalley that frequently experiences heavy rainfall, this will be taken into consideration.

Easy To Install

To ensure that we can install your new tiled conservatory roof quickly, they are pre-cut. Your installers will not need to carry out any on-site prepping as everything will be ready to go.

Conservatory Roofs In Whalley

Solid Conservatory Roof

Whalley Home Improvements are proud installers of Ultraframe’s innovative Livinroof. Designed using cutting edge technology, this roof allows for a seamless extension of your current living space. Benefit from more of an extension feel, at the price of a conservatory.

With Livinroof, you will benefit from security and privacy. Your new addition can feature as much or as little glazing as you choose, in the form of skylights or roof lanterns.

Heat Retention

Solid conservatory roofs offer complete thermal control. Benefit from u-values as low as 0.16W/m2k, helping your home retain heat through even the coldest of winters.

Long Lasting

These roofs are built to last, and you are sure to reap the benefits of them for decades to come. Watch as your heating bills decrease, and save money spent on maintenance and upkeep.


We understand that all homes in Whalley are completely different, and this is why our solid conservatory roofs come with a range of customisable features to make your new addition truly yours. Benefit from glazed panels, cornices and insulating pelmets.

Why Choose Whalley Home Improvements?

When you work with Whalley Home Improvements, you are choosing a local, family run business with plenty of industry knowledge. Our combined knowledge makes up for years of experience, so you can be sure that your home is in safe hands.

We work hard to go above and beyond for every customer we have, so that we can create long lasting relationships. Let us be your go-to for any home improvement projects, whatever that may be. To find out more, or to contact us with any questions, please fill out our online form.

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