Your Guarantee With Whalley Home Improvements

We take aftercare seriously at Whalley Home Improvements. Although we strive to minimise faults and failures, it’s impossible to completely eliminate them. If something does go wrong after installation, it’s important to know where you’re covered.


For full details please refer to section 10 of our terms and conditions (printed on the reverse side of your contract). If you feel that you need further assistance, please contact a member of our team on 01254 824179. Alternatively, email us directly at

Type of Product

Warranty Length

Electrical Radiators / Fans / Air Conditioning Units

Furniture Floor Coverings

Promotional Products

Other Miscellaneous Products Not Listed Below

1 Year

Handles / Hinges / Window Locks / Letterboxes / Spy Holes / Door Knockers

Painted Products Not Referred To Above

2 Years

Soffits / Fascias

Rainwater Goods

Roof Trims

5 Years

White PVCu / Foil Covered or Wood Grain Effect Frames

Aluminium FramesExtension / Conservatory Bases

Aluminum / PVCu Replacement Roofs

10 Years


How can I report a problem?

All service call issues should be reported to Whalley Home Improvements. Contact us on 01254 824179, Monday-Friday. Alternatively, you can fill in the form at the bottom of this page and a member of our team will contact you within working hours.

How long does it take to repair a problem once it has been reported?

Unfortunately, our aftercare procedure does not function as a 24/7 call-out service. Whilst we strive to minimise all repair waiting times, there is a minimum of a 10-14 day lead time. On occasion, the wait time could be between 8-12 working days. Of course, with more urgent repairs, we will attempt to resolve the issue as soon as reasonably possible. However, this is still subject to engineer availability.

I’m having issues with glass or glazed products installed by Whalley Home Improvements, is this included in my warranty?

Your warranty with Whalley Home Improvements only covers failure to the glass unit. It excludes breakages of any kind, including shattering due to exposure to extreme levels of heat and collisions with any object. Our policy on breakages applies to interior, exterior and internal panes of glass.

My conservatory was installed by Whalley Home Improvements, but it’s no longer in warranty, can you repair it?

Although we can repair some out of warranty problems, there is a service call charge of £40 for one of our engineers to come out and assess the issue. After this, we may be able to replace the product for the full cost, plus installation. Furthermore, there will be a wait time of at least 12 working days for an appointment.

Can you repair Ultraframe products that were installed by other companies?

Whalley Home Improvements cannot carry out repairs on any products we have not supplied and installed. This includes Ultraframe products installed by any other company.

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