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Five Tips To Modernise Your Conservatory

An old conservatory with a plastic conservatory roof is often a pet peeve for homeowners across the UK. Although additional single-story living space is always handy, replacing an old conservatory can seem like a daunting task. Many homeowners simply don’t know what to do with an old conservatory to transform it into a functional, beautiful home extension.

Maybe it’s the sound the plastic conservatory roof makes in the rain? Maybe it’s the overpowering, uncomfortable heat during the summer? For whatever reason, we often find that homeowners struggle to enjoy their old conservatories, especially if they have a polycarbonate roof.

Read our top five tips for modernising your conservatory and creating a space you can enjoy all year round.

1. Find Inspiration For Your Conservatory Renovation Design

The easiest place to begin is by finding conservatory designs that you like. Whether you’re looking for conservatory design ideas from traditional to modern or looking to find the ultimate conservatory designs for a bungalow, all conservatory renovations begin by finding inspiration. In its current form, it may be difficult to see your old conservatory as a place you don’t dislike; however, modern conservatory technology can work wonders for any home.

We can email or post you brochures for any bespoke conservatory design. From replacement conservatory roofs to aluminium conservatory frames, we have conservatory images and advice for anyone looking to replace an existing conservatory.

Finding a conservatory showroom in Lancashire is not a difficult task. In our Clitheroe-based showroom, we have conservatory designs and ideas as well as expert consultants to help you make the right choice for your home.

Probably the first port of call for most homeowners, the internet is full of conservatory renovation ideas right at your fingertips. You could build a conservatory inspiration board on Pinterest or read various conservatory design blogs. Gathering first-hand knowledge and conservatory design ideas is the perfect way to begin your home renovation.

2. Consider Replacing Your Conservatory Roof With A Solid Roof

This is perhaps the best answer when asking how to modernise your conservatory. A replacement conservatory with a solid roof design is the most surefire way to improve an older conservatory. The solid conservatory roofs by Ultraframe aim to transform cold conservatory spaces into something that feels like a single-story extension.

If you’re still looking for a sunroom-style extension, a solid conservatory roof can be installed with any number of conservatory skylights that help capture the sun in your conservatory without losing or gaining too much heat.

Benefits of a Solid Conservatory Roof

Full Extension Feeling


With lower U-values than any other conservatory extension, a solid roof conservatory truly is a space you can use all year round. Get the extra space without paying for a full extension.

Choice of Conservatory Exterior Design


A glass conservatory will always look like a glass conservatory. However, a solid roof can capture a full extension design with a tiled conservatory roof design or keep it traditional with Ultraframes market-leading Livinroof extension.

Fit for Any Purpose


Maybe you want an extension that has more functional capabilities. A solid roof conservatory can be used as a kitchen or dining room extension as well as providing much-needed additional living space.

Stay Warm & Lower Energy Bills


As it gets more and more expensive to heat a home, people may look for alternative solutions to trapping heat. We offer different options of thermally efficient roofs to help keep heat in and potentially lower your energy bills.

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3. Replace Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof With Glass

Possibly the most common conservatory upgrade, a new glass conservatory roof system makes a big difference when renovating a conservatory. During the 80’s and 90’s, polycarbonate conservatory roofs were all the rage. However, conservatory technology has simply moved beyond plastic roofs. While polycarbonate conservatory prices are relatively low, you’re left with a barely usable home extension that incurs expensive conservatory heating costs. In 2018, there’s simply no need to pay for a house extension, which is expensive and uncomfortable. That’s where Smartglass comes in.

Smartglass Conservatory Double Glazed Roof Benefits

Glass Conservatory Roof Whalley

Heat Retentive

Smartglass is a new conservatory roofing glass that is designed to reflect heat. Of course, this means that the conservatory won’t get too hot during the summer. It also means that the heat you generate inside your glass conservatory extension remains inside the conservatory. That means that poor thermal efficiency does not waste your money if you use underfloor heating or conservatory heaters.

Glass Conservatory Roof Benefits


Smartglass uses the sun's rays to gently remove dust and debris from the glass conservatory roof's surface. This doesn’t mean that the conservatory roof requires no maintenance; it means that it requires significantly less.

Glass Conservatory Replacement Roofs


Smartglass conservatory roofs are available in a range of four colours. It’s also compatible with both uPVC and aluminium conservatory roof frames, which in themselves are available in over 200 RAL colours and finishes.

4. Replace Your Conservatory With An Orangery

Orangery designs are becoming increasingly popular in conservatory renovations in Lancashire. While there’s some confusion over the differences between an orangery and a conservatory, for the most part, homeowners tend to enjoy the sense of luxury and privacy an orangery extension achieves. A bespoke orangery is the perfect way to modernise your conservatory. Coupled with an orangery-style roof lantern, this partially solid home extension is the perfect choice to modernise your conservatory.

Creating The Perfect Orangery Design

Ultrasky by Ultraframe

The Ultrasky Orangery Roof Lantern is perhaps the best choice for orangery roof installations or orangery renovations. As with our glass conservatory roofs, the Ultrasky Lantern uses Smartglass to achieve the best results possible.

Super Insulated Columns

Although we can use your home's existing brickwork in your orangery extension, Super Insulated Columns are a much superior choice for creating a stunning orangery design. Not only do they modernise your conservatory, but they are also five times more efficient than bricks and faster to install.

Internal Lighting Pelmet

While an insulated lighting pelmet is optional, more often than not, we install them in conservatories for orangery renovations. Sitting around the perimeter of the orangery roof lantern, an internal lighting pelmet is a modern and stylish solution to brightening up your orangery.

5. Replacement Conservatory Doors

Replacement conservatory doors are not the most exciting way to modernise your conservatory; however, it’s surprising how much of a difference new patio doors can make when trying to improve an existing conservatory. If you’re choosing a new colour scheme for your existing conservatory, our bespoke conservatory patio doors can be made to match, with both uPVC and aluminium frames available. The glazed panels in your new conservatory doors will be rated A+ and will make some difference in the ambient temperature of your conservatory.

Types Of New Conservatory Patio Doors

Classic French doors are common installations in conservatory renovations. Simple and stylish, our French patio doors are secure by design and easy to install.

Sliding conservatory doors are a useful space-saving option for smaller conservatory extensions. As with all our conservatory doors, sliding patio doors are installed with high-quality double glazing to ensure they perform to your expectations.

 Folding doors are a great way to open up a conservatory to a garden. With 2–7 folding door panes available, folding patio doors can be tailored to suit conservatories of any size.

Need help modernising your conservatory?

Some leaks are easier to fix than others. The most important thing to do is to identify where the water is entering the conservatory.

Once you have done this, give our team a call on 01254 824179. For some leaks, like the ones relating to the sealant, it’s usually quite easy and inexpensive to fix.

The worst-case scenario is when the roof needs replacing. In this event, it would make more sense to upgrade an existing polycarbonate roof with a fully or partially glazed, modern conservatory roof.

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