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Leaking Conservatories

What Should I Do If My Conservatory Is Leaking?

Unfortunately, leaking can be a common problem in conservatories, particularly with glass and polycarbonate roofs.

Conservatory roofs tend to be the weakest part of the building, susceptible to wear and tear over time. Leaks can cause damage to soft furnishings and furniture; they can also lead to mould if they occur in poorly ventilated spaces.

What Causes a Conservatory Roof to Leak?

Slipped Off Roof Panels


Slipped roof panels create gaps around the perimeter of the roof. You can repair roof panels and roof capping. However, we would recommend using a professional repair person with experience in repairing damaged conservatory roofs.

Lead Flashing


Badly fitting lead flashing can be a major cause of leaks. The material used is durable but may show signs of wear on older conservatories. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for this problem, and it would be an issue where you would have to consult a trusted local installer.

Roof Vents


Roof vents can be simple to repair. They are used to combat ventilation in conservatories. However, if the roof vent is the cause of the leak, it’s most likely been installed incorrectly.



Rubber sealant deterioration can allow water and drafts to enter. Get in touch with your nearby installer if this happens.Our team can help fix the core issue and make sure your roof is properly sealed.

What Should I Do About a Leaking Conservatory Roof?

Some leaks are easier to fix than others. The most important thing to do is to identify where the water is entering the conservatory. Once you have done this, give our team a call on 01254 824179. For some leaks, like the ones relating to the sealant, it’s usually quite easy and inexpensive to fix. The worst-case scenario is when the roof needs replacing. In this event, it would make more sense to upgrade an existing polycarbonate roof with a fully or partially glazed, modern conservatory roof.

Conservatory Refurbishments

Should I Replace my Conservatory Roof with a Solid Roof?

It’s unlikely that a solid roof will leak. Installing a solid Livinroof or Ultraroof 380 is the most effective way of eliminating leaks. Glass, and especially polycarbonate, roofs will always be susceptible to leaks. Whalley Home Improvements can convert your existing roof into a solid one with better insulation and thermal efficiency. We aim to have your new roof installed within 6–10 weeks of placing an order, and they come with a 10-year guarantee.

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