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Why Should I Upgrade My Polycarbonate Roof?

If your polycarbonate roof is over ten years old, it’s more than likely that its best days are behind it. Modern advancements in roofing for extensions, lean-to’s and conservatories have left polycarbonate behind. It might be time to consider doing the same.

We’re frequently asked to upgrade older polycarbonate roofs with with glazed or partially glazed roofing systems. Whilst polycarbonate roofs were once the go-to for conservatories and lean-to’s, there’s so much more we can do today with modern materials. The benefits go beyond surface level, as polycarbonate is expensive to heat and uncomfortable in summers and winters.

What is polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate (PC) is a naturally transparent amorphous thermoplastic. Conservatories, particularly those constructed before 2005, will likely have a polycarbonate roof. A particularly durable and flexible plastic, it was the go to product when creating extensions to allow light inside. In its day, polycarbonate was a fantastic building material, perfect for building roofs. However, advancements in the way we make replacement conservatory roofs have largely surpassed the ability of polycarbonate.

What’s wrong with polycarbonate?

 red cross icon Heat Retention– Polycarbonate typically operates at a U-value of 5 or more.
 red cross bullet icon Noise Pollution – Polycarbonate does not offer any significant reduction of noise (especially when considering rain).
 red cross bullet icon Aesthetics– Customers generally prefer the smooth, tinted modern glazed roof as opposed to the jagged plastic polycarbonate roof.

Should I replace my existing polycarbonate roof with a new glass roof?

For the most part, glass roofs are considered the best choice for conservatories. Modern glass roofs have risen in popularity over the last five years. Offering protection from noise pollution, glass doesn’t make the ‘drumming’ sound in the rain, like polycarbonate. Beyond this, polycarbonate can also creek and make popping noises as it heats up and cools down. Glass has a longer life expectancy and modern advancements use self-cleaning systems and heat retention strategies. The visuals are generally better, with the glass much more open and bright in the day and clearer at night. Using glass allows you to incorporate blinds, which we can run on mechanical systems, or build in between the panes.  At Whalley Home Improvements, we typically install the ClassicroofTM to replace polycarbonate.

At a glance – The benefits of installing a new glass roof.

checklist tickIt lasts much longer-most polycarbonate roofs only have a life-span of a decade.
checklist tickIt’s self-cleaning-using the sun’s rays, dirt and debris are broken down over time.
checklist tickThe latest in ‘open’ roof technologies– glass roofs provide the most advanced means of heat retention and temperature regulation.
checklist tickBetter views-glass roofs don’t compromise your view of the sky like polycarbonate.

Why choose the ClassicroofTM?

Launched in 2010, the ClassicroofTM is the most sophisticated model of fully glazed conservatory roof. We’ve installed countless Classicroof’sTM across Lancashire and the Ribble Valley. The ClassicroofTM is a much needed improvement from polycarbonate, it offers an enhanced ventilation system. This means that you can use it all year round. Compared to older polycarbonate roofs, the ClassicroofTM let’s in much more light and creates a much brighter, open space. Despite being much more durable than polycarbonate, the glass used in the Classic roof offers the same versatility and can be configured to fit any space.

Should I upgrade my polycarbonate roof with a solid roof?

If you’re looking for something a little more extravagant, a new solid roof may be the solution. Our solid roofs include glazed panels which can be fit to suit your home. This way you can capture the right amount of light for your conservatory, without having a fully glazed roof. At Whalley Home Improvements, we mainly install two types of solid roofs; the Ultraroof 380TM and the LivinroofTM .

At a glance – the benefits of installing a solid roof

checklist tick Insulation– Solid roofs Kingspan board insulation and glazing panels to retain heat in your extension.
checklist tick Substantial – solid roof gives you the best of both, a conservatory with the feel of a full extension.
checklist tick Variety – Our solid roofs can be made to look visually like a classic conservatory roof externally, whilst maintaining the solid look on the inside. Alternatively, we can use synthetic tiles to compliment your homes roof. The choice is yours.

Why should I choose the Livinroof™?

If you’d like to keep that traditional conservatory feel, the Livinroof™ might be for you. An integrated design ensures that you keep the solid roof and add the glass paneling where appropriate. The Livinroofs™ Urban Grey, rolled lead finish is stylish and modern with an optional cornice available in a variety of colours. As displayed in the picture, a pelmet can be introduced to implement lighting around the sides. Your windows can be supported by a dwarf wall, or alternatively, vertical paneling can be used to create a more private space.

Why should I choose the Ultraroof 380™?

Alternatively, the Ultraroof 360™ is the most advanced conservatory roof on the market. It’s use of synthetic tiles will compliment the existing color of your home roof slates.  It has a lightweight tiled finish and a plastered finish on the inside. You can install multiple glass panels or Velux windows, as well as a flat panel ceiling – perfect for fitting new lighting.


Renovating an older conservatory can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it’s tougher than ever to decide on the style of your conservatory. The older polycarbonate material has a shelf life of a decade. That means, for most conservatories, the roof will need replacing in the near future. Glass and solid roofs will last much longer than the existing polycarbonate and they are much more versatile and visually appealing. Now might be the time to consider upgrading your conservatory.

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