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As time passes, your conservatory’s performance could deteriorate. As a result, the overall performance of your property can suffer. If you move into a property with a conservatory, you might also need to consider getting a new conservatory roof. If it is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, your installation can have issues. Chest and respiratory issues are only a couple of the health issues that might arise from a damp conservatory. We provide a variety of conservatory roofs that can shield your home from serious harm and health issues.

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Glass Conservatory Roofs

Glass conservatory roofs are a lovely addition to your home, creating a vintage feel. Natural lighting and warmth make your living space much more comfortable. Take advantage of the sunshine all year.

These roofs utilise modern double glazing to reduce glare and stop unnecessary heat loss. They are available in a variety of pitches, ranging from 2.5 to 40.9 degrees. You will benefit from working with a welcoming group of installers from Whalley Home Improvements – our team take great pride in providing exceptional customer service.

Thermal Performance

Double glazing and a well-designed framework give your conservatory excellent temperature control and stability. You won’t worry about plunging temperatures or scorching heat waves.

Simple to Install

Utilising compression bars and patented speedlocks simplifies installation. In no time at all, your conservatory roof will be installed.

UV Protection

Specially designed double glazing allows for UV protection and reduced glare. Prevent the sun from damaging your rugs and furniture.


Your conservatory roof is completely weatherproofed thanks to gaskets, glass stops, and chambered top gaps.

Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Your Higham home can have a retro feel thanks to our tiled conservatory roofing creating a classic look that complements your architecture. Our actual tiled panels come in terra cotta, grey, or brown finishes. Bring timeless design into your home. We also give you the choice of a roof with partially glazed glass panels. There are great advantages of having a tiled conservatory roof. Our tiled conservatory roofs from Ultraframe are designed to perform to the highest requirements. There isn’t much room between the tiles for ventilation. This prevents the feeling of having a “greenhouse effect.”


Enjoying a classic style of tiled conservatory roof does not mean you have to suffer from an ineffective performance. Our tiled conservatory roofs are made using advanced technologies, guaranteeing that they will perform to the highest standard. Due to their robust design, our tiled roofs keep performing for decades.

Thermal Efficiency

We provide tile roofs with U-Values as low as 0.13W/m2K. You are able to control the temperature of your Higham property and enjoy a more comfortable living space with this cutting-edge technology.


Thanks to ingenious engineering, your new tiled roof is built to resist even the worst weather. If you reside in an area where there are frequent severe gusts and downpours, our tiled conservatory roofs are up to the task.

Simple to Install

Our conservatory roofs are made up of pre-cut tiles. The installation is made simple and quick as a result. Your installers won’t need to perform any on-site trimming.


We are pleased to provide Higham residents with the cutting-edge Livinroof. This design’s sturdy conservatory roof makes it possible to expand your current living space in a more seamless manner.

The Livinroof has many security features. A mix of tough materials guarantees the structural stability of your roof. To provide more light, add a skylight or a roof lantern to the conservatory roof.

Thermal Barrier

If you desire optimum thermal efficiency, a strong conservatory roof is the best choice. Along with the best heat retention, you will also get total lighting control and U-Values as low as 0.16W/m2k. You’ll enjoy a comfortable living space where your quality of life is greatly enhanced.

Long Lasting

You can expect a very long lifespan from our conservatory roofing. This is due to its durability and ability to allow in natural heat while saving you money on heating costs. You may have confidence that your new conservatory roof will last for a very long time.


No two properties are built the same way, as we at Whalley Home Improvements are aware. All of our products are entirely customisable and made to order in response to the demands of our loyal consumers. Choose from our selection of glass panels, cornices, and insulating pelmets to suit your taste. If you have a particular requirement in mind, please get in touch with our staff. We are here for you to make your dream conservatory roof become a reality.

Why Choose Whalley Home Improvements?

For cutting-edge home improvement options that uphold the greatest standards of effectiveness and security, go with Whalley Home Improvements. Our family-run business’s core value is going above and beyond for our customers. We consistently go above and above to make sure that we are helping homeowners in Higham.

Due to our depth of knowledge in the double glazing industry, we are experts who provide exceptional products and timely, efficient installation services. Our team of enthusiastic installers has fast turn-around times, allowing you to start using your new conservatory in no time at all.

Contact us right away to begin planning your dream home.

Conservatory Roof Prices Higham

With Whalley Home Improvements, you can invest in a superior conservatory roof while saving money on upkeep for years to come.

Please use our quoting tool if you would like a free online quote. Create the roof of your dreams to get a fast quote that meets your needs. In order to be correct, this quotation will take into account any additional glazed panels, colour preference, and hardware.

You can reach us by phone at 01254 824179. Our expert team will help you with any queries you might have.

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