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Conservatory Prices

Why is it difficult to give prices for conservatories?

We can’t list prices, as each conservatory is made to order and designed by you with a choice of materials that suit your home. Even approximate guesses wouldn’t account for building work and different roof types. For true conservatory prices, arrange for a Whalley Home Improvement representative to take some measurements.

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Glass Roof Conservatories

Glass-roofed conservatories are some of our most popular installations in Clitheroe and Lancashire. From orangeries with roof lanterns to classic Edwardian conservatories, the scope of what’s available in today’s market is staggering. If you’ve already got an existing polycarbonate conservatory, a new glass roof can make a huge difference, creating a new living space you can use all year round.

High-Quality Double Glazing in Conservatories

As with our bespoke windows, all of our glass-based conservatories are equipped with high-quality double glazing. Whether you opt for aluminium or uPVC as your choice of building material, the standard of glass and glazed panelling remains the same. With self-cleaning technology, your glazed conservatory roof is easier to clean and simpler to maintain. The cost of a glass conservatory depends on your choice of frames, the size of the conservatory, and the amount of building required.

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Is it difficult to get planning permission for fully glazed conservatories?

Although planning permission is often required for single-story extensions in your home, a conservatory is different. A fully glazed conservatory is sometimes defined as a temporary living space. This means that your conservatory will not need planning permission. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, and building regulations will vary slightly from council to council.

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Getting a price for a fully glazed conservatory

At Whalley Home Improvements, we try to make the pricing of conservatories as quick and convenient as possible. Once you inquire, we will call to arrange a time for a representative to discuss your project. After taking some approximate measurements, they will talk you through the various customization options.

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What are the benefits of a glass-roofed conservatory?

Glass roofs are cheaper than solid replacement roofs.

During rainfall, the double-glazing will be quieter than plastic.

With an A+ rating for thermal performance, your double-glazed conservatory saves you money on heating bills.

Our conservatory roof glass is self-cleaning using the sun’s ray’s to disperse debris.

Using modern coatings, you can reduce glare during the daytime in your conservatory.

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Click here to learn more about our glazed roof, The Classic Roof by Ultraframe.

Solid Roof Conservatories

Solid-roofed conservatories are quickly becoming the go-to for single-story extension designs. We manufacture and install all of our replacement roofs right here in Clitheroe, Lancashire. We have two solid conservatory roof options:

  • The Ultraroof 380, A lightweight tiled conservatory roof comparable to a full extension, with synthetic slates.
  • The Livinroof is a high-performance combination of solid roof insulation and double glazed roofing panels.

How Much Does An Ultraframe Solid Conservatory Roof Cost?

Unfortunately, the prices for conservatory roofs are subject to sizes, designs and the number of glazed units. As it is not an off-the-shelf product, our solid conservatory roof options don’t have an off-the-shelf price. For accurate conservatory roof costs, please arrange an appointment online with one of our consultants to discuss your project.

Can I put a solid conservatory roof on my existing conservatory?

Yes, this is possible in some cases due to the light-weight design of our solid conservatory roofs. However, before we could guarantee that your solid roof will be compatible with your existing conservatory, we would need to assess the structural integrity of your current conservatory design.

Will my solid conservatory roof need planning permission?

For solid roof extensions in your home, you will most likely need to go through planning permission. We can inform you relatively quickly whether this will be the case and will include the cost of planning permission in your conservatory quote. From there, we’ll process and manage your application to deliver the best results.

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